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the dew collectors series, composition 5 , signed july 2014

the dew collectors series, composition 6 , signed july 2014

acrylic on canvas stretched over wooden chassis / framed
canvas size: 90 x 98 cm (close to 36 x 39 inches)



"Dew Collectors"

"Beginning in July 2014, this series of pictorial compositions idea centers on ancestral couple, primarily with a She and a He a nearby oneiric almost devoid of bodily harm, in a space crespuscular somewhere boundary tangible universe. The compositions have a special status and are like cosmic dust permeated the beginning, which brings the deformed areas and volatile energy glimpses of a luminary early, fine movements of stellar particles seem to outline the only hint of movement. Pictorial dichotomous splits in cold intangible cosmic space around the couple and seem to wear body imanentelor dermis of the stars Lost eroded. The atmosphere is set in a time zero in weightlessness forgotten somewhere in nothingness untold.
The achievement of the two and they bring no limit composition figurations, in presence unlikely his hand, searching to amfofial body, dressed in a kaleidoscopic color, betrays a subtle desire to close "

Ovidiu Kloska


“Colectionarii de roua”

“Inceputa in iulie 2014, aceasta serie de compoyitii picturale are in centru ideea de cuplu ancestral, primordial cu o Ea si un El intr-o apropiere onirica aproape lipsita de atingeri corporale, intr-un spatiu crespuscular, undeva la limita universului tangibil. Compozitiile au o statica aparte si sunt parca patrunse de un praf cosmic al inceputului , ce aduce pe arii diforme si volatile sclipiri energetice ale unui astru de inceput , miscari fine de particule stelare par a contura singura sugestie a miscarii. Picturalitatea se desparte dihotomic in intangibilul rece din spatiile din jurul cuplului cosmic iar imanentelor corporale par a imbraca derma pierduta a astrelor erodate. Atmosfera este fixata intr-un timp zero, undeva in imponderabilitatea uitata, in neantul nestiut.
Atingerea dintre cei doi si lipsa ei aduc compozitia la limita figuratiei, intr-o prezenta improbabila, mana lui, cautandu-i corpul amfofial, imbracat intr-o cromatica caleidoscopica, tradeaza subtil dorinta de apropiere “

Ovidiu Kloska


July 2014












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